Xbox Live & PSN are down! Could this really be the work of Lizard Squad? (Update: Xbox Live back online in many areas)


**Update** Xbox Live seems to be back up for some, many users are still not able to sign in whether it be Xbox Live or even Xbox services on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.   We are still waiting for PSN to come back up.  For those of you still no able to sign on visit for more information regarding which services are down.

Xbox Live core services seem to be  down at the moment, not just on Xbox consoles, but even Xbox Video on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone.  Could this possibly be the work of the infamous Lizard Squad?

Lizard squad did make a promises to shut down Xbox Live on Christmas day not too long ago after Xbox Live went down in early December twitting the following “That’s a small dose of what’s to come on Christmas,” they also tweeted saying that Microsoft will receive a wonderful Christmas present from us.”

It’s  interesting that Sony’s PlayStation Network is currently down too.  In August, Lizard Squad claimed responsibility of taking down Sony’s PlayStation Network for many hours using the same DDos attacks.   This group has also gained the attention of the FBI when they caused a flight carrying Sony’s Online entertainment President John Smedley to divert due to their Tweet claiming there were explosives on the plane.

This could be a big concern for gamers along with Microsoft and Sony since taking down such  core services was able to be achieved with plenty of warning.  Just a little earlier people were reporting outages for Xbox Video amongst other services which were quickly back up and running, but having everything go  down shortly after is a little concerning.

Of course this is just speculation and there is no indication that it could be the doing of Lizard Squad, and that these gaming services  may just be down for maintenance purposes or due to the large influx of gamers logging in.  But one can’t think that this is such a major coincidence after the promise Lizard Squad made to shut down Xbox Live on Christmas day.  We will wait to see what happens or how long this problem persists and hopefully get an official statement from Microsoft or Sony soon.

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