Xbox Live down due to "denial of service" attack? #LizardSquad claims responsibility

Xbox CloudMany Xbox users are currently experiencing issues connecting to the Microsoft gaming servers and it is very likely due to a DDOS attack by a Russian hacker group called the “Lizard Squad”. This sort of attack is a popular way of bringing down servers – that is by flooding the incoming connections with millions of hits per minute causing network routers and cloud infrastructure to grind down to a stand-still.

Users from around the world are reporting getting error code 80151909 when trying to connect their consoles since 7PM this evening however the situation seems to be improving as some are now able to connect.

Lizard Squad tweeted these post earlier this evening warning of worse outages to come during Christmas for Xbox users:

Microsoft will surely monitor the situation closely and hopefully work with the law enforcement to ensure this type of illegal activity is crushed accordingly. So far there has not been an official statement from the Redmond software giant but we will keep a close eye on this development.

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