Check out these leaked screenshots of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

Many Windows Phone users are anxiously awaiting the preview release of Windows 10 for phones which Microsoft promised will come this month to Windows Insider program participants. Earlier, we have reported that up to one thousand Microsoft employees were being asked last week to do one final round of internal beta testing before the build is pushed outside of the company’s walls. Indeed, it looks like Microsoft is on track to release mobile OS in preview mode very soon.

So far we have seen one demo of the new mobile platform at the company’s Windows 10 press event last month in Redmond and we’re impressed with what we saw.

Today, however, we have been delighted to a small treat before the real thing becomes available – leaked screenshots of the OS (build 8.15.12493.42) have now surfaced and they appear to be the real deal. Perhaps one of Microsoft’s employees involved in internal testing decided to tease us with the early view of what we can expect later this month.

The screenshots, as you can see above, show some of the key improvements to the Settings and Action Center on the Windows Phone. Settings seem to be better organized as related options are grouped together and the Action center will allow users to add more than one row of custom buttons. The last screenshot shows the update and build info along with Seattle Seahawks Russel Wilson’s quote “Every setback has a major comeback.”

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