Xbox One “Hardcore” Controller rumored to be announced at E3 2015

Microsoft is apparently working to improve how serious gamers can enjoy playing their favorite games. Rumor has it that the company is currently developing a “hardcore” version of its controller and they’re aiming to announce it at this year’s E3 event.

The current controller that ships with the Xbox One is a compelling upgrade over the Xbox 360 controller – it’s more sturdy and accurate, but it looks like Microsoft has perhaps gathered a lot of feedback from hardcore gamers who want something even better.

Although Xbox One is still trailing PlayStation 4 in terms of sales, Microsoft’s gaming console has made some serious strides with record-breaking 2014 Black Friday & Christmas sales. The main factor was of course the massive price cut and bundle deals as Microsoft sweetened the deal for many looking to upgrade their aging Xbox 360/PS3 consoles.

This could be a great opportunity for the software company to further solidify its relationship with gamers who were originally somewhat shunned as Microsoft wanted to appeal to more casual users with all the entertainment features their new console launched with.

Source: Neowin

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