How to Crop Pictures on Your Verizon Android Smartphone

The Verizon Android smartphone takes amazing pictures that you can share directly from your phone. You may sometimes want to crop the pictures so that you get the best possible picture that you can. It is easy to crop the pictures in your Verizon Android smartphone. You just have to know where to look for it. Once you have successfully cropped one picture, you will know how to do it in the future with no problems.
Here is how to crop pictures in the Verizon Android Smartphone:

Step One: Drag the menu board up from the bottom of your Verizon Android smartphone. Look for the “Gallery” icon and touch it. This will open the files where your pictures are. This will allow you to view and edit your photos from your Verizon Android smartphone.

Step Two: You will be faced with several different folders. Choose the folder that contains the photos that you would like to crop. Touch the screen on that folder to open it up.

Step Three: When the folder opens, you will be given icons of each picture that is in your Verizon Android Smartphone. Touch the picture that you would like to crop. The picture will get bigger in size when you touch the icon.

Step Four: Touch the bottom of the screen to bring up a menu. When the menu appears, touch the “menu” option. Then touch the “more” option on the screen. This will bring up a small window. Choose “crop” from the menu. This will bring up the cropping tool.

Step Five: Place and hold your finger in the center of the crop box to move the box to the place on the picture that you want to appear. Anything highlighted will be the picture. Anything shaded out will be cut out of the picture.

Step Six: To make the picture larger or smaller, place your finger on any side or the corners of the frame. Drag the box to the position that you wish it to be in. When you are done cropping the picture, touch the “save” option at the bottom of the screen to save the new picture or discard to keep the picture as it is.

You have now successfully cropped your picture in your Verizon Android phone. There will be times that you will want to use this great feature directly from your phone to make sure the picture is exactly what you wanted it to be. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the original picture. It is in your Android as well. You will just have a better version of it to share with your friends on the internet.

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