How to Have Successful Video Marketing

There are many ways to market your business, and the internet has changed the way we advertise our products irrevocably. In many great ways, the internet has allowed us to be more creative and do our own marketing without having to spend any extra money for expensive billboards, classified ads, yellow page ads, cable ads, and so on and so forth.
Video marketing and the internet have become two symbiotic ways to take advantage of your business and your marketing strategy to increase sales, bring in new clients, and make your company more viable in a global economy.
No matter if you are a small retail business with a main street storefront or a specialty manufacturer that makes parts for companies around the world, how you portray your business in a video is just as important as any other piece of advertising that you can do.
First you need to plan your video. Who is the video for? What needs to be shown in the video? How long should it be? Online movie trailers are great ways for people to get to know a new Hollywood production. They are no more than two minutes long. Your finished video should be about the same length unless you are making a video for purposes other than marketing what your business does.
Next you want to decide if you can have you or one of your staff make a video using a digital video camera or if you want to hire a production company to make a professional one. Search some online video websites to see some beautiful work that has been done at home and edited on a desktop computer. If anyone in your company or family is computer video savvy, they can edit your video and have it ready with very little time and effort spent on the project.
If your business sells products, display some of the products in the video. If you are a manufacturer, display some of your wares. If your manufacturing process is a trade secret, then show only some of the process.
Have some employees in the marketing video talk about what the company does. Go in everyone has been filmed and add music and other visual effects to give the video some different views and schemes.
After your video is done, post it on your company’s website to the front page. Embed keywords on the same page as your video to make it searchable to internet search engines. Create a company page on your favorite video website such as or and download your video to those websites. Have a downloadable version that prospective customers can download to their own computers.
If you or someone in your family or staff is not computer savvy, your local computer company could probably help with the technical aspects of it. And if they don’t, they will know someone who does. Even a professional production or a web design company will have knowledge of how to put your video onto a website.
However you decide to do it, a video to market your company is a good, low-cost idea to market your company through your website and over the internet without having to pay expensive advertising costs. Not only will it show prospective customers what you are about, but it will also let them know that you mean business and that you are a company in which customers will want to invest.

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