Affiliate Marketing Blogs – The Key To Online Profits

You are curious about affiliate marketing. You really want to make money online and you feel that affiliate products are the easy way for you to achieve your goals. However, you feel that you’re not a tech savvy person. You think that you’re not capable of building a blog. Now you want to ask that inevitable question.

Can you make money online without a blog?

That’s like asking if you can make money selling McDonald’s hamburgers without buying a McDonald’s franchise. How exactly would you go about doing that? If you want to be an affiliate marketer online, you need an avenue to promote your product on the internet. How can you accomplish?

My personal opinion

Many people want to get started in affiliate marketing. Usually, when it comes to affiliate marketing training, building a website is a requirement. Many training programs will tell you how to succeed. However, the prospect of building a site intimidates many people. They will drop one training program and go on to another. They will go through site after site trying to get the answer they want to hear.

By the time they find an answer on how to make money without a website, they could have built a site. It could already be generating traffic and making profit! I urge you, to build a website.

Building a blog

Building a blog is not as hard as you think especially if you use WordPress. You don’t have to know any code to get a beautiful site up and running. The WordPress platform is free. It may be a bit of a learning curve but once you figure it out, you can put together a new blog in minutes.

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With a WordPress blog, you will need a domain name, which you can purchase at GoDaddy for approximately $10.00. You will need your own hosting which you can purchase at HostGator for less than $10.00 per month. You can get a free blog at a site like Blogger. However, a WordPress blog looks more professional and gets more traffic. Remember, if you don’t have traffic, you can’t make money.

What type of blog do you need to build? Well, you are going to have to build a blog with a lot of quality content. What is content? It’s any form of communication you do with blog. You can use articles, PDFs, videos, and podcast. However, you “speak” to your audience on your blog is considered content.

It has to be quality content that engages your audience. Back in the day, you could make great money with sites that had no information on them. After Google Panda and Penguin, that won’t fly anymore. You will need to build a quality site that has helpful information for your readers. That is the new Google rule. Part of their new algorithm is to check your bounce rate. If visitors come to your site and instantly leave, Google will assume that your content is of low quality.

You must continually add content to your site. Why? Every time you add content, it’s a chance for you to be notice by the search engines and get a higher ranking. New content gives your readers a reason to come back. It will help you to gain trust. Trust is the key to getting your readers to purchase something that you recommend. The search engines like to see repeat visitors to your site.

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If you have an affiliate product in mind that you would like to promote, it would be better to build your site and gain a bit of a following before you put that product on your site. As we spoke of before, your readers want to get a sense that you are there to help them. If you bombard them with products, it may turn them off.

Here’s another advantage. Having an aged site that has plenty of content with some traffic can help you in more ways than you know. It can be your key to getting into the affiliate program of your choice. Many people have a hard time getting into good affiliate programs without site. Build your site first to increase your chance of getting into a great program.

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