7 Expert Tips To Keep Your Readers Glued To The Screen While Reading Your Blog Content

Do you think that your readers are happy with your blog? How to tell whether people enjoy reading your blog or not? You can take a look at your bounce rate. If your blog have high bounce rate, then it means that people don’t like it so much. If the bounce rate is low, then it means that the majority of your readers are happy reading your blog. If you think that you need to boost the level of engagement of your readers toward your blog, then you have to keep them reading your content. Here are 7 expert tips to keep your readers glued to the screen while reading your blog content:

1. Write Catchy Headlines That People Can’t Resist

Your blog headlines will give a significant impact on how people can enjoy reading your blog. Without a good headline, people will not read your blog content. If they don’t feel compelled to read your blog content, then they will tend to leave your blog in an instant. So, it is important for you to write catchy headlines for your posts so that people will feel motivated to start reading your blog content and spend more time with your blog.

2. Make Your Post Fun And Inspiring

The way you write your content will also affect the way your readers will appreciate it. How can you keep them feel satisfied with your blog content? You can do that by making your post fun and inspiring. This is one effective way that will make your readers enjoy reading your content. If you can inspire them with your content and make them feel happy with it, then they will want to read more and more content from your blog.

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3. Encourage Readers Interaction

Make your readers participate in your blog. Encourage them to express their opinion in your blog. Make your blog a good place to discuss about various topics. In this way, people will keep going back again simply to participate the discussion with others. Don’t just write your content and then do just that. You must also ask your readers to give their feedbacks by asking them questions in your post. In other words, you have to use your content as a discussion starter, not as a final conclusion.

4. Keep Your Readers Coming Back To Your Blog

Don’t let your readers visit your blog only once. You need to encourage them to come back again to your blog. How can you do that? You can do that by creating a mailing list newsletter for your blog. In this way, you can tell your readers whenever a new blog post is being published in your blog. This will make your readers to come back to your blog again and again. Once you do this, you will turn first-time visitors into loyal readers.

5. Update Your Blog In Regular Interval

It is important for you to keep your blog updated because this is how you will keep your readers’ interest toward your blog. Without regular update, your blog will be considered old and irrelevant in a very short amount of time. So, always make sure that you are updating your blog regularly, at least once per week. Of course, you should only publish high quality content to your blog.

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6. Make Your Content Go Viral In Social Media

You need to expand the distribution channel of your blog content in various platforms, especially social media. It is important to spread the word about your blog content and make it go viral, because it will attract even more traffic back to your blog. When people see your blog popularity in social media, you will be able to bring new loyal readers to your blog every day.

7. Use a Good Related Post Widget In Your Blog

Lastly, it is important for you to put a good related post widget in your blog, that will allow your blog to display various related posts in each of your blog post. This will help you to lower your blog bounce rate and keep your readers to engage with your blog for a long time. However, it will only work effectively if you have catchy headlines in your blog as well as good images in each of the post that you publish.

Those are some tips you can use to keep your readers engaged with your blog. When you apply those tips, you will be able to turn your first-time visitors into loyal readers, lower your bounce rate, and make people spend more time reading your blog.

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